Carlisle TyrFil Announces its 2022 Initiative to Support Reforestation in Ontario, Canada, in Concert with American Forests

CARLISLE, PA—August 30, 2022—Carlisle TyrFil (, the global leader in polyurethane flatproofing technology, today announced its 2022 reforestation initiative to help preserve North America’s most endangered natural forest regions. Carlisle TyrFil is pleased to continue its long-standing partnership with American Forests, the world’s oldest conservancy, to plant new seedlings to repopulate forest territory in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. The campaign is part of the region’s Clean Water Green Space Program and Southern Ontario Conservation Authority Woodland Restoration Program.

Since its inception in 1971, the TyrFil ™ flatproofing brand has been an industry pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly alternatives to keep industrial Off-the-Road (OTR) tires operational and free from costly, dangerous tire flats on the job. Most importantly, the use of TyrFil technology significantly decreases the volume of solid tire carcasses going into our global landfills. And for the past half decade, Carlisle’s ongoing collaboration with American Forests has been just one more way that the brand is helping to reduce carbon footprint and give back to our planet’s eco-system.

This current initiative is part of Carlisle’s One Tote, One Tree program—which is implemented along with its valued customers—that donates one tree for every one tote of product purchased. The Ontario project will help plant thousands of trees and shrubs over 218 acres at 57 publicly and privately owned properties in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Offering multiple environmental benefits, this reforestation initiative will not only replant seedlings, but will also help protect at-risk species and support water retention and water and air purification. Specific tree species being supported include the white pine, cedar pine, sycamore, elderberry, and red maple. Additionally, this comprehensive habitat protection project will benefit the Eastern Fox Snake, Spiny Softshell Turtle, and Snapping Turtles.

“For over 50 years, Carlisle TyrFil has been committed to advancing sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives across the global and North American OTR tire marketplace,” said Jill Deamer, Global Marketing Brand Manager for Carlisle TyrFil. “We are pleased to be a part of the incredible work conducted by American Forests and its partners in Ontario, Canada. Carlisle is devoted to supporting our planet through this exemplary program, and through our continued commitment to bringing environmentally safe tire flatproofing alternatives and ‘green’ technology solutions to market.”

About Carlisle TyrFil
Carlisle TyrFil is a brand of Carlisle Construction Materials, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies (NYSE: CSL). TyrFil flatproofing, also known as “foam fill,” can be pumped into Off-the-Road (OTR) pneumatic tires to replace air with a resilient, environmentally preferred, elastomer core that eliminates dangerous flat tires in commercial and industrial heavy equipment vehicles. TyrFil transfers significantly less G-force, resulting in a smoother, safer ride compared to solid aperture tires. Excessive G-force transmission, commonly known in the industry as Solid Shock, can cause premature damage to heavy equipment vehicles and injury to the operator. With TyrFil flatproofing, “We Keep the World Rolling.” For more information on Carlisle TyrFil’s flatproofing solutions, please visit

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