Please use the weight estimator below each time you fill your customers’ tires.

This will provide an estimate of the amount of product required to fully flatproof your tires. You may also download our Flatproofing Weight Chart. Industrial wheels and rims are not all the same. When calculating a tire size for polyurethane tire fill material, drop center wheels require additional material over standard wheels.

Tire Converter: Use the tire converter to convert metric tire sizes to inches or inch tire sizes to their metric equivalents.

Please Note: You will need to know your Tire Height and Rim Diameter before beginning to use the Weight Estimator. If you are able to physically measure your Tread Depth that will help as well, but is not required.

Disclaimer +

While a great deal of effort has gone into the development of this estimator to make it as reliable as possible, Carlisle TyrFil™ makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or suitability for use. The user is advised to make his or her own determination of the accuracy of the estimator before it is used for quoting as the calculated weights are not necessarily as accurate as weights published in the Carlisle TyrFil™ weight charts. Carlisle TyrFil™ disclaims any liability or responsibility for any losses, damages or expenses which may result from reliance on the calculations produced by this estimator.

Weight Estimator Diagram
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Weight Estimation



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