How Much TyrFIl™ Do You Need?

Height, width, diameter, even tread depth can effect the weight of product needed to fill a tire. Use our quick and easy weight estimator every time you fill your customers’ tires.

Weight Estimator

TyrFIl™ Saves You Money!

Wondering how much money you will save by using Carlisle TyrFil’ flatproofing products? Use this simple tool to get the answer. You might be surprised.

Profit Analysis

Learn More About Carlisle TyrFil™ & Our Products!

Carlisle TyrFil™ offers a collection of collateral, white papers, and testing documents to help you with your tire flatproofing and productivity needs.

Resource Library

Safety is our #1 Priority!

Tire flatproofing is a precision process and should only be performed by an Carlisle TyrFil™ Certified Technician. Here you will find numerous resources to help you promote safety in your tire fill processing rooms.

Safe Operating Procedures

Safety Data Sheets


Carlisle TyrFil™ offers a collection of videos featuring TyrFil™ Flatproofing, No More Solid Shock™, TLC Tire & Rim Protection™, ReSeal™ Tire Protection and TyrFil™ Processing Equipment.


Do You Have Questions?
We Have Answers!

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.


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