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The patented AutoFil-GenII pump can mix virgin tire fill with rubber crumb, PU grind, or both rubber crumb/PU grind, while delivering enhanced pump and grind speeds and significantly reduced clean-up time.  The AutoFil-GenII also offers an enhanced visual interface through a monitor with an improved HMI touchscreen capability that facilitates operation and helps to streamline efficiencies for users.

AutoFil Recycler System

AutoFil Recycler System

Our patented AutoFil Recycler System is the only tire fill system on the market that can recycle and reuse post-consumer oil-based tire fill. Since 2002, this machine has made it possible to keep more than 150 million pounds of tire fill out of landfills each year. Its convenient one-step process increases efficiencies and requires very little labor. It’s easy to operate by a single person and clean up only takes five minutes.

Tyrfill Green Machine

Green Machine

The Green Machine significantly reduces carbon footprint and saves money by recycling and using up to 65% reclaimed tire fill while reducing the petrochemicals (including oil) normally required to fill an off-the-road (OTR) tire. The Green Machine processes PU grind, rubber crumb grind or rubber granules. Grinder is separate.
Recycled TyrFil granulator

Recycled TyrFil Granulator Program

Europe Only

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the Dortmund, Germany facility will collect used polyurethane tire fill material, grind it and offer it back to our customers for use in the Green Machine*. This program helps eliminate the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane tire fill to the landfill.

* Subject to terms and conditions

Virgin Tire Fill Equipment

TyrFil easyfil pump

TyrFil EasyFill Pump

Europe Only

An upgrade to the pneumatic TyrFil Flushless pump. Designed and built to fill tires with a two component material. This pump features a digital display showing the filling pressure. A safety cut off switch is set so that the system automatically switches off when the maximum pressure of 30 bar is exceeded. Flowmeters are an optional extra.

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Eliminate Flat Tires Forever! Even in the most hazardous environments, tires filled with TyrFil™ can never go flat. Our market-leading polyurethane tire fill solution allows equipment to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal, rocks, etc. Despite cuts and punctures, filled tires will keep performing - increasing productivity and eliminating costly downtime for field operators.

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