Carlisle TyrFil Announces New Reforestation Projects in Concert with American Forests, Supporting Two Locations in Virginia and Arkansas

CARLISLE, PA—June 23, 2020—Carlisle TyrFil ( announced today its latest commitment to support two new tree reforestation projects to help preserve America’s most endangered natural forest regions. In collaboration with American Forests, the world’s oldest conservancy and TyrFil’s long-time partner in this effort, the company will plant seedlings to help repopulate forest territory in Virginia and Arkansas. Since 1971, TyrFil has been leading the industry with its production of environmentally friendly alternatives to keep industrial Off-the-Road (OTR) tires operational and free from flats on the job. Also essential to the company’s leadership role in the industry has been its enduring commitment to give back to our planet—through advanced “green” technology and sustainable products.

The current Carlisle TyrFil and American Forests reforestation plans in Virginia and Arkansas are part of TyrFil’s “One Tote, One Tree” philanthropic program. One Tote, One Tree funds the supply, planting, and nurturing of seedlings to expand, rejuvenate, and protect forest lands across the U.S.  The program is part of Carlisle TyrFil’s ongoing assistance effort, along with its OEM and dealer network, which allocates one seedling toward the reforestation program for every ‘tote’ of TyrFil flatproofing product purchased.

The effort in Virginia will support the Jefferson National Forest and the George Washington National Forest areas. These beautiful forests are home to multiple designated wilderness territories and are rich in scenic vistas, beautiful foliage, a colorful history, and recreational opportunities. To help preserve and reforest this region, the campaign will help specifically to facilitate the replanting of red spruce trees.

The effort in Arkansas will support a 1.8 million-acre reserve that is part of the Ouachita National Forest. A once “picture perfect” park-like region, this area had gradually been ravaged by fire devastation and later fire suppression efforts, as well as logging activities going back to the early 19th century. Collectively, these events had destroyed the region’s natural eco-system—depleting underbrush and preventing proper dense tree regrowth. But a decades-long initiative is bringing back 250,000 acres of shortleaf pine in the Ouachita National Forest, pairing tree planting with other restoration tactics like thinning dense stands, replacing loblolly pine plantations, and setting controlled burns to mimic natural fire. Carlisle’s One Tote, One Tree effort will further help to rejuvenate one of the most beautiful regions of mid-America—and also aid in creating a better natural habitat for treasured wildlife such as the Red-cockaded woodpecker, bald eagles, and the Louisiana black bear.

“Carlisle TyrFil continues to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with American Forests to help repopulate severely endangered forest territories across the U.S.,” said Carlisle TyrFil Vice President of Global Sales, Matt Pearson. “We’re thrilled that our valued dealer and OEM network has been able to join us in this effort to provide a robust partnership and ongoing support. As a brand, TyrFil is proud, on the technology side, to enhance sustainability through production of our eco-friendly polyurethane tire fill and recycling technology—while also supporting social campaigns such as One Tote, One Tree, which has helped to replenish America’s natural terrains for more than a decade.”

About Carlisle TyrFil

Carlisle TyrFil is a brand of Carlisle Construction Materials, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies (NYSE: CSL). TyrFil flatproofing, also known as “foam fill,” can be pumped into Off-the-Road (OTR) pneumatic tires to replace air with a resilient, environmentally preferred, elastomer core that eliminates dangerous flat tires in commercial and industrial heavy equipment vehicles. TyrFil transfers significantly less G-force, resulting in a smoother, safer ride compared to solid aperture tires. Excessive G-force transmission, commonly known in the industry as Solid Shock, can produce premature damage to heavy equipment vehicles and injury to the operator. With TyrFil flatproofing, “We Keep the World Rolling.” For more information on Carlisle TyrFil’s flatproofing solutions, please visit

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