Even in These Uncertain Times, Carlisle TyrFil Is Proud to Help Keep the World Rolling

While the world as we know it is undergoing one of the most significant transformative periods in modern history, as we collectively battle the COVID-19 virus, one thing is for certain:  Those industries that are vital to maintaining our national and global infrastructure must remain resilient.  The critical supply chain must endure.  And while specific verticals may experience a temporary or partial pause to their full scale operations, as industry moves back to an eventual full level of operation in the coming weeks and months ahead, it will be even more imperative that businesses remain as efficient as possible to help regrow the economy.

Carlisle TyrFil salutes all of those in, and outside of, our industry who are playing an essential role in helping to save lives and pull our country together during these troubled times.  Moreover, we remain as committed as ever to continuing to deliver the advanced R&D and technical resources to ensure that, as our domestic and global economy rebounds, we will be there to help key sectors such as construction, agriculture and mining retain a strong footing and full production.  It’s all part of our sustained commitment to help Keep the World Rolling.

TyrFil™, commonly referred to in the industry as foam fill, has been the leading alternative tire technology and flatproofing solution for nearly 50 years.  We have helped entities in the commercial and industrial transportation sectors to more comfortably “ride” out the many ebbs and flows of other turbulent times—through business fluctuations, recessions, global conflicts, environmental changes and more—that our nation has faced together.  And, through it all, we have always remained a sustainably responsible, steadfast tire care solution partner—year after year, and decade after decade.

Even though this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020—the mega forum for the construction marketplace and Off-the-Road (OTR) vehicle manufacturers—was cut short to ensure greater safety for our industry in light of growing coronavirus threat, the show highlighted the many growth opportunities in the construction space and the integral role that transportation and tire selection can play in the sector’s future trajectory.  After all, construction job site profitability is intricately tied to keeping project management goals on track and the supply chain running at full speed.  Large commercial vehicles (such as bulldozers and excavators) truly are the logistical backbone necessary for smooth production within the construction industry—and tire functionality and flatproofing are equally vital to this equation.

At CONEXPO, TyrFil™ showcased our brand’s plans for the coming year—accenting our continued focus on the technical performance and ecological advantages of injectable polyurethane; on the health and ergonomic benefits of Solid Shock prevention; and on the many cost-savings afforded by the conversion from solid aperture tires to foam fill materials—especially for budget conscious OTR operators.

First, why tire fill?

Tire or “foam” fill consists of polyurethane pumped into traditional pneumatic OTR vehicle tires, which replaces all of the air.  It cures into a flexible, durable elastomer that acts as a shock absorber and completely eliminates flat tires.  Tires utilizing TyrFil™ Flatproofing can glide over even the most destructive work zone debris (nails, rebar, glass, sharp rocks, metal objects and more) and remain impervious to puncture.  This “flat free guarantee” is a game changer for heavy equipment operators who know from experience that even just one tire flat on an essential piece of equipment can hinder job operations for hours, or even days.

Second, what is Solid Shock and how can it be prevented?

Solid Shock is an industry term that refers to the G-force impact to equipment drivers (and their vehicles) derived from riding on solid tires.  The bumpy, rough and often jarring ride offered by solids can have a deleterious effect over a sustained period.  Daily exposure to Solid Shock can cause driver/operators to experience headaches, lower back pain, joint pain and fatigue.  Prolonged exposure of this kind can even lead to a condition known as Whole Body Vibration, or “WBV”—a serious physiological issue associated with a host of muscular/skeletal injuries.  Solid Shock also transfers unnecessary excessive G-force onto equipment itself, generating costly and premature wear and tear to various parts of the vehicle (such as the axles).

TyrFil™-processed tires have been proven to deliver 41% less G-force transmission to cabs and operators than solid aperture tires.  As part of any Solid Shock prevention program, tire choice is paramount to decreasing exposure to excessive G-force transmissions and the resulting adverse health risks—and tire fill delivers an optimal solution in this regard.

Third, the use of foam filled tires and technology can save operators immeasurable time and money. 

Even in the most hazardous environments, tires with TyrFil™ will never go flat.  They also offer additional performance advantages and directly help to 1) maintain optimal tire pressure, 2) increase traction and stability, 3) provide consistent tire deflection, and 4) eliminate catastrophic blowouts and potentially dangerous rim slippage.

Each of these factors helps to set TyrFil Flatproofing technology apart from traditional solid rubber tires, while streamlining work site productivity and preventing the unwanted accidents and injuries that can have a devastating impact on construction profits.

Once the disruption and tragedy of COVID-19 is eventually behind us and our industry recovers from likely temporary shortfalls, businesses across vertical sectors that rely on OTR equipment will need to maximize productivity at the fullest.  TyrFil™ Flatproofing will continue to be at the ready to help operators sharpen their bottom line goal setting and keep their valued workforce safely and efficiently on the job.

We are proud to have been the global leader in flatproofing technology for nearly 50 years and look forward to providing decades of service in the years to come to our diverse customer base.  Even as the impact of the coronavirus continues to expand in the U.S. at present, Carlisle TyrFil anticipates no supply disruptions.  While the situation is of course fluid, at this time we do not expect any significant delays or lags in the procurement of raw materials or finished goods—and we look forward to moving ahead, in solidarity with our industry, toward a robust future and strong shared outlook.

To your safety, and to that of your employees here and around the globe, we send our warmest well wishes.

In good health,
Carlisle TyrFil

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