Carlisle™ TyrFil™ Production—Helping to Fuel the American Economy

Remember the past 150 years in our nation’s history? The United States of America was built on domestic industry and manufacturing. Our factories literally provided the technological muscle, equipment and backbone that supported our infrastructure growth, mastered the automobile assembly line, took us through two World Wars, led to our eventual exploration of space, and helped our country to become a strong international leader. It’s this spirit of innovation and development that’s at the very core of I Make America, the flagship domestic production advocacy program of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). I Make America is a grassroots campaign wholly conceived and operated by the Association to support and crusade for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America’s equipment producers more effectively compete on a global level.

The I Make America initiative, which Carlisle TyrFil is proud to support, educates businesses, investors, employees and governments around the globe about the role that U.S.-based manufacturing plays in helping to propel forward the technology and product-driven aspects of our growing international economy. Every day, manufacturers in multiple industries across America are hard at work to make products that the world needs to sustain businesses, feed and clothe world populations, advance technology and protect our millions of global citizens. In our international economy, equipment and new products of every make, shape and material are produced right here in our domestic factories and sent to every corner of the globe. The U.S. has 12.5 million manufacturing jobs, accounting for 8.5 percent of the domestic workforce. One in four manufacturing jobs depend on the production of materials and equipment that are specifically developed in America, and then exported and distributed overseas—emphasizing the essential role that trade plays in the health of U.S. industry.

One of the hallmarks of the Carlisle TyrFil brand, which proudly manufactures and markets a comprehensive, end-to-end line of tire productivity technologies (including our TyrFil™ polyurethane flatproofing material, TLC Tire and Rim Protection™ line, ReSeal™ protective tire sealant, and the Carefree Tire™ line designed for material handling, landscaping, and medical mobility equipment), is that our products are developed right here in the USA.

Carlisle Performance Materials, our parent company, has nine manufacturing facilities in America, and our tire flatproofing and productivity products are developed at two of those plant locations in Chattanooga, TN and Berea, OH. We take pride in creating and maintaining hundreds of domestic jobs – ranging from positions in the science/R&D lab, to the factory floor, to the shipping deck, to the front distribution office. Our materials handling protocols are among the most stringent in the industry.

Another thing that makes American manufacturing great is the way that, as a nation, we’ve interwoven technological advancement with the protection of our greatest national resources. This includes committing to the creation of eco-friendly technologies that help to lower carbon footprint emissions and preserve our land, our parks, and the beauty of everything that is in this country that we share. One example, is our Carlisle Recycling Technology that not only eliminates the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and rubber to the landfill, but also reduces up to 75% of the petrochemicals used in traditional tire filling methods. At Carlisle, “green” practices are also central to everything we do as a brand and it’s just another way that we support the mission of responsible manufacturing. We proudly join together with our Carlisle employee teams to embrace a culture of sustainability that is embedded across our company—and throughout every tier of our manufacturing protocols.

Another reason that Carlisle supports the AEM’s I Make America commitment lies in our organization’s deep belief in nurturing and developing a “people first” ethos. By creating honorable living wages for Americans working across our U.S.-based facilities, we, in turn, foster a pay-it-forward philosophy rooted in technology innovation supported by responsible domestic employment. It’s a corporate culture that benefits all concerned.

According to Carlisle TyrFil Vice President, Joe Negrey: “Carlisle has always espoused a ‘Made in America’ mantra. Our products and technology are developed and manufactured locally, and deployed to regions across the globe. But ultimately, for every new product that we innovate and develop, it’s our people that come first. Our employee teams are the number one asset of our company. We are proud to support the economic infrastructure of the communities we serve and happy to be able to bring sustainable products to market that keep our environment, and families, safer.”

Our Tire Fill division, which focuses most prominently on the production of our branded TyrFil™ flatproofing technology (commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill”) for the construction, mining, waste management, agri-business and military sectors, is committing additional resources annually to bolstering our domestic facilities.

Adds Negrey: “For example, our Berea, OH plant location houses tire fill product research, development, manufacturing and technical support under one roof. The plant features 112,000 square feet of office space and 14 acres of manufacturing space – ideal for accommodating large mixing stations for tire fill material, along with the testing labs and the physical space needed to manage a comprehensive quality control protocol.”

Through our continued commitment to generate world-class facilities like the Berea plant operation, Carlisle maintains its goal of driving both innovation and providing job “sustenance” to the local communities that we support – and that support us. Adds Negrey: “We are proud to drive the growth of domestic manufacturing and help solidify the role that U.S. managed-product development plays in bolstering the broader national economy. The future for our space—the employees and careers that we’re committed to nurturing, and the business sectors for which we hope to continue to play a vital role—looks very bright, especially as the applications for polymer-based technology continues to increase. We’re proud to be contributing to the more than $2.25 trillion dollar American manufacturing industry.

To learn about the AEM’s I Make America program and discover more about the ways that Carlisle Tire Fill System and the Carlisle family of brands is helping to support localized manufacturing, please visit and the Tire Flatproofing and Productivity Applications portal of our website, as well as our corporate web destination at

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