It’s Time to Take Action on Infrastructure

I Make America has dubbed 2021 as the Year of Action. I Make America is the grassroots campaign of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which advocates for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America’s equipment manufacturers compete globally. The I Make America campaign, which Carlisle TyrFil is proud to support, educates businesses, investors, employees, and governments around the globe about the role that U.S.-based manufacturing plays in helping to propel forward the technology and product-driven aspects of our growing international economy.

The first 2021 Action is to tell Congress to put infrastructure first. We need a long-term investment in America’s infrastructure to create more family-sustaining jobs and rebuild our economy. We need our elected officials to work on a bipartisan basis to pass broad, sweeping infrastructure legislation this year. America should be #1 when it comes to infrastructure, but we’re not even in the top 10. Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, in fact 17.2 million American jobs depend on it! And yet:

  • 75% of our farms still do not have high-speed internet
  • 1/3 of our freshwater supply is at risk
  • 53% of our public school districts report the urgent need for upgrades

We must do better. Tell Washington that we need to make a transformational investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

Visit the I Make America Action Hub to start taking action today and learn about important issues impacting the equipment manufacturing industry. The more actions you take, the more points you earn toward new levels and maybe even win a prize or two:

  • Contact Congress. Your voice matters, so let’s make some noise! Contact your lawmakers today and urge them to support American jobs and improve our global competitiveness by investing in infrastructure.
  • Write to the White House. Let President Biden know it’s time to make infrastructure a priority. The future of our country depends on it.
  • Spread the Word. Share a post on social media to spread the word about how job-creating infrastructure policies means a stronger America.

Each Action You Take Builds Your I Make America ActionTron. By taking action, you join the tens of thousands of men and women from across the country who fight for pro-manufacturing polices every day. The more actions you take, the more points you earn. There are six exciting levels to reach and every level unlocks a more powerful ActionTron.  Do you have what it takes to unlock the mystery level? Keep coming back to take actions as they are released and you will earn your way toward the mystery level and a chance to win exciting prizes!

We will not be stopping at advocating for improved infrastructure, here is a preview of the Year of Action ahead:

Help Support Rural America. A strong farm economy not only assists farmers and ranchers, but also helps protect the 700,000 agriculture equipment manufacturing jobs across the United States. We need our elected officials to work on a bipartisan basis to pass policies that benefit our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and others in rural America.

Promote and Protect Free Trade. Equipment manufacturers of all sizes and sectors need to trade with the world to find new customers, grow jobs domestically, and improve our country’s competitiveness in an increasingly interconnected economy. Our industry needs policies and trade agreements that help us reach these consumers and compete successfully in an increasingly tough global economy. We need our elected officials to work on a bipartisan basis to pass policies that promotes and protects free trade.

Promote Tax Policy that Creates More Family-Sustaining Jobs. I Make America supports commonsense reforms to our tax code that will provide tax relief to equipment manufacturers and encourage job creation. Right now, American businesses suffer from a complex, patchwork tax code that slows growth and makes it harder for equipment manufacturers in the United States to compete on a global playing field.

Are you ready to fight for the 2.8 million men and women who make the equipment that builds, powers, and feeds the world?  Together, we can remind lawmakers that their decisions impact our families, our communities, and our livelihoods. Democrat, Independent, or Republican, let’s put good policies ahead of politics. Because when we succeed, America succeeds! Together We Make America.


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