Increase Your Tire Flatproofing Know – How at TyrFil™ University

When it comes to driving sales and increasing product and industry knowledge, it’s never too late to head back to school.  That’s why we established TyrFil™ University – our hands-on training and learning program designed to help our valued polyurethane tire fill dealers increase their annual sales as high as 40 to 65 percent.  Established in 2003, “TyrFil™ U” is guaranteed to help dealers grow their business…and their bottom line.

The program consists of a comprehensive, two-hour interactive presentation led by our TyrFil™ University “Dean” – Mike Fullen, Executive Director of Sales for Carlisle™ Tire Fill Systems. The workshop is specifically crafted to provide dealer sales teams with the strategic skills, acumen and confidence to successfully enhance their competitive sell-through – and develop and diversify their customer base.  Additionally, it provides an intimate overview of tire fill’s numerous flatproofing advantages and delivers succinct talking points and messages about the benefits of the technology versus competitive offerings.  The aim:  To ensure that everyone selling TyrFil™ flatproofing out in the field has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the product and the market, so that they can address any product or market inquiry with ease.

Explains Joe Negrey, Vice President of Carlisle TyrFil™:  “Sales teams who have completed TyrFil U have consistently averaged a strong measurable increase in their annual tire fill sales.  We value our dealer partners immensely and would expect nothing less – we want their experience with our organization, and with our TyrFil™ product, to be rewarding from day one.”

The TyrFil™ U curriculum focuses on everything that an informed field seller would need to know – from the history of the tire fill, commonly known in the industry as foam fill, marketplace, to product and operational logistics, to TyrFil™ materials handling requirements and recommended applications, to the recycling and environmental protection advantages of Carlisle’s Green Machine and patented AutoFil processing equipment.  The program also addresses the ways that polyurethane tire fill absorbs g-force vibration transmission to reduce exposure to the unwanted effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) compared to the alternative, solid aperture tires. Solid aperture tires provide a rougher, bumpier ride known as Solid Shock that may have a negative impact on Off-the-Road heavy equipment operators, as well as their equipment.

Other specific topics discussed at Carlisle’s TyrFil™ University include:

  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Product Information
  • Tire Filling Process
  • Evolution of Flatproofing
  • Matching TyrFil™ Products to Applications
  • Tire Pressurization
  • Proper Tire Filling Procedures
  • Weight Estimation Tool
  • Flatproofing Failure Modes
  • Keys to Successful Performance
  • OEM Approvals
  • Recycling Equipment
  • TyrFil™ Flatproofing Markets
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Techniques
  • The TyrFil™ Flatproofing Sale

“Having the proper information in business – as in life – can render game changing results,” adds Negrey.  “We believe it’s absolutely essential to arm our dealers with every available sales tool and element of product knowledge so that when they face a competitive sales pitch, they knock it out of the park.  Our TyrFil™ University program is proven to be highly successful in helping our valued tire fill dealers fuel their business growth and directly spike sales.”

Participation in TyrFil™ U also gives especially new tire fill dealers an overview and introduction to the Carlisle™ leadership and technical teams, factory locations, and international customer service support tools and resources.  It also drills deeply into each TyrFil™ offering – including TyrFil™ HeviDuty, TyrFil™ Ultra, TyrFil™ Pro, TyrFil™ Flex and TyrFil™ Premium – and delivers a primer on Carlisle’s ancillary tire product lines, including our TLC Tire and Rim Protection, ReSeal Tire Protection, and Carefree Tires (micro-cellular polyurethane tires designed for the material handling, medical mobility, and lawn & garden industries).

The interactive presentation also addresses Carlisle’s protocols surrounding timely tire flatproofing industry issues and discussions. Topics addressed include our brand’s assurances and protocols related to reducing “chunking” practices in our industry, as well as a review of recent field study data regarding the lessened g-force impact of polyurethane tire fill technology.

If you’re an Carlisle TyrFil™ dealer, we know that you won’t want to miss any opportunity to arm your sales team with the toolkit and knowledge they need to maximize sales.  TyrFil™ U provides the ideal forum for everyone within your operation who is selling Carlisle’s flatproofing technology solution to start capturing and winning new leads and further excelling business growth.  We hope to see you soon in class, and please feel free to refer an industry friend or colleague to this informative program.

For more information of TyrFil™ University, please visit or contact your Regional Sales Manager.

The Carlisle TyrFil™ Team

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