Tech Tip: Got Humidity? You Need to Use a Desiccant!

Desiccants come in all shapes and sizes. They come in electronic parts boxes, pharmaceuticals,firearms, jewelry, or in anything that is moisture sensitive. This brings us to the reason why a desiccant is needed on the ISO-side of TyrFil™ Flatproofing products (RED BOTTOM TOTE). The ISO-material is moisture sensitive – meaning if the tote is left exposed to air or goes through temperature changes, the ISO material can actually start to cure on its own without being mixed with the CAT-side (WHITE BOTTOM TOTE). We see this happen when customers call-in and they have a restriction (plugged) hose on the ISO-side. Moisture is the problem – the tote could have been left open, the desiccant had expired or the desiccant was not installed. When this occurs the ISO-side acts as a sponge and attracts moisture. This can contaminate the product and cause the product to react inside the hose causing solidification or crystallization, cause the hose to become brittle and pieces of cured fill could flake off the side of the hose and get into the pump. Depending on the TyrFil Processing Equipment used, it can cause a pump malfunction such as an off-ratio mix of material resulting in product failure and possibly a costly pump repair.

Carlisle TyrFil offers a desiccant packaged in an easy to view window. Simply change desiccant when window changes from blue to pink.

By performing this easy preventative maintenance step, you ensure that your Carlisle TyrFil™ Flatproofing Equipment is ready to process the highest quality product. Call customer service (800) 821-4147 to place an order for the desiccant cartridge (part # EQDESI) and the desiccant holder (part # EQDES-HOLD).

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