TyrFil Flatproofing: A “Made in America” Legacy

Carlisle TyrFil is proud to celebrate its deep manufacturing heritage and commitment to supporting a tradition of robust domestic production. Even as the company continues to grow and expand its international footprint into 2024 and beyond, TyrFil™ Flatproofing prioritizes its U.S.-based factory production as a foundational element of its brand.

Since its inception in 1971, Carlisle TyrFil has strongly supported the “Made in America” tradition. Our nation was built on a tradition of American goods and services companies fortifying industry, creating secure and well-paying jobs, and supporting vibrant infrastructure growth. This ethos has been embraced by many within the U.S. manufacturing sector from the early days of America’s industrial- economic revolution to current modern times.

Today, TyrFil technology and products bound for domestic market applications are developed and manufactured locally and deployed across North America. TyrFil is proud to support the economic infrastructure of the communities we serve—and, as part of our long-standing development protocols, we are happy to be able to bring sustainable products to market that keep the environment, our work force, and our customers safer. TyrFil Flatproofing technology (commonly referred to in the industry as “foam fill”), is dedicated to serving the building/construction, waste management, mining, agricultural and military fields.

TyrFil’s 112,000 square foot Berea, OH plant location, in particular, is the home of foam fill product research, development, manufacturing and technical support—all housed under one roof. The plant includes 14 acres of manufacturing space and supports giant mixing stations for our foam fill material, along with the testing labs that guide and oversee an extensive quality management operation. Additionally, Carlisle markets a comprehensive, end-to-end line of tire productivity technologies (including our TyrFil™ polyurethane flatproofing material, TLC Tire and Rim Protection, and ReSeal™ Protective Tire Sealant,)—and all of these products are developed right here in the USA.

The company also continues to bolster a commitment to bringing technologies to market that decrease carbon footprint emissions and protect our valued natural resources. Our Carlisle Recycling Technology eliminates the environmental impact of sending used polyurethane and rubber to the landfill and lowers 75% of the petrochemicals used in traditional tire filling methods. Sustainability practices are essential to our brand mission and our green production practices include the use of next generation technology—such as our TyrFil Recycling Processing Equipment, the AutoFil-GenII and AutoFil Recycler System— that significantly reduces the usage of oil, toxic metals and other environmentally harmful compounds. These practices have resulted in safer manufacturing environments for both our employees and customers.

At the same time, TyrFil has pursued alliances to further our environmental mission. Through our One Tote-One Tree program, we have partnered with our customers and American Forests to plant one new tree for every tote of product purchased.  At Carlisle, “green” practices are central to everything we do as a brand and One Tote-One Tree is just another way that we support the mission of responsible manufacturing.

TyrFil also is proud to support and align with the “I Make America” organization—the flagship domestic production advocacy program of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). The I Make America campaign is a grassroots effort backed by the AEM that supports and grows policies that elevate manufacturing jobs and help America’s equipment producers to remain competitive on the international stage. According to the AEM, more than 2.3 million American men and women work in the domestic manufacturing sector. These individuals “make the equipment that builds, powers, and feeds the world…everywhere you look, equipment manufacturers are keeping people and critical goods moving and powering vital public services and utilities.”

Carlisle TyrFil will continue to do all it can to support the multi-trillion American manufacturing space. These efforts will include delivering respectable living wages for Americans working across our brand’s U.S.-based facilities and pursuing technology innovation supported by responsible domestic employment.

To learn more about the AEM’s I Make America program, please visit www.IMakeAmerica.com and also visit Tire Flatproofing and Productivity Applications at CarlisleTyrFil.com to understand how all within the tire, OTR equipment, and related market sectors can work together for the betterment of our nation and industry.

The Carlisle TyrFil Team

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