Carlisle TyrFil Begins 2021 with an Eye on Celebrating 50 Years of Service

During this New Year, tire flatproofing technology giant—Carlisle TyrFil—will celebrate a mammoth milestone. The company will officially mark 50 years since the inception of its landmark tire flatproofing solution. For the past five decades, TyrFil has been an integral part of the Off-the-Road (OTR) tire industry—delivering a flat free tire solution for a host of commercial and industrial sectors including construction, mining, waste management, agri-business, military operations, and more.

Utilizing a two-part polyurethane system, the TyrFil brand pioneered the creation of a flatproof tire solution for large transportation and earthmoving equipment—making these much relied upon vehicles impervious to unwanted and dangerous tire punctures on the job. In contrast with traditional air-filled pneumatic tires, Carlisle’s tire fill technology enables vehicles to glide over typical worksite discard—such as glass, nails, sharp rocks, rebar and more—that normally would prove disastrous for a wide range of “workhorse” equipment that often encounters this type of debris in the field. Once an essential OTR vehicle is “downed” with a hard-to-fix and costly tire flat, job site operations can grind to a speedy halt—costing operators valuable lost manpower and revenue. But tire fill technology has literally changed the job landscape when it comes to transportation reliability…

In 1971, the then new TyrFil polyurethane “foam” fill solution was introduced—offering vehicle operators a fresh alternative tire material, designed to save on their bottom line and keep vehicles operating. Ever since then, the tire fill format has been going strong, through a long and storied career.

Polyurethane tires were first developed during the Second World War, when German scientist Otto Bayer utilized polyurethane as a replacement for expensive rubber. But it was only just 50 years ago that the substance known today as polyurethane tire fill came into its own. That was when the TyrFil brand was established and it laid the groundwork, through science and innovation, for the industry’s premier flatproofing solution.

Polyurethane-filled tires went on, through the ensuing decades, to see many additional developments and enhancements over the years that only strengthened the quality of their endurance, stability and shock-absorbing riding experience. TyrFil flatproofing was eventually sold to and then marketed by Accella Tire Fill Systems, which built the brand into the definitive industry leader— establishing a performance record across multiple business sectors and improving on-the-job safety for operators and multi-national corporations working in transportation-heavy industries such as building construction.

During this 50-year period, the company also added more adjunct tire productivity technologies to round out its offering. These additional solutions included TLC Tire and Rim Protection to better support haul trucks working in the mining industry, as well as ReSeal™ tire sealant to protect tires on OTR equipment exposed to occasionally harsh environmental conditions.

In recent years, the performance benefits and value of tire fill technology has increased even further as heavy equipment managers have come to more greatly perceive and understand its many advantages over the more rigid, bumpy and jarring ride offered by solid aperture tires. TyrFil has repeatedly been proven by independent third party research to vastly reduce G-force impact and help to better guard against the effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), which can create muscular/skeletal fatigue and even injury to operators who often spend up to eight hours behind the wheel. The preventative benefits of polyurethane-filled tires in alleviating WBV stress on operators by delivering a more cushioned ride only compounds the fiscal advantages of flat free tire performance.

The TyrFil flatproofing technology legacy now resides within the Carlisle Companies brand family, which acquired the Accella companies in 2017. Today, TyrFil flatproofing is helping businesses around the globe to keep their equipment and, most importantly, their contractor and employee workforce safer and more productive on the job. The TyrFil brand has flourished across five decades—witnessing multiple economic scenarios, changes in the industry, new developments and advancements in technology, and the advent of sustainable manufacturing—and, through the years, the company has emerged as a viable, alternative solution that saves time and money.

Persevering the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. TyrFil continues to service essential workforce sectors and grow global market penetration and adoption. Despite the obstacles encountered as a result of the worldwide pandemic, the overall OTR tire and rental market industries are bullish on the growth that lies ahead. According to IMARC, a leading market research company, “the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020 negatively impacted the growth of the OTR tire market. Several industrial and construction activities were temporarily halted due to national lockdowns across the globe. Lockdowns also resulted in raw material supply disruption and temporary shutdown of plants manufacturing OTR tires. From 2021, however, we expect the global Off-the-Road tire market to recover and grow moderately during 2021-2025.”

Carlisle TyrFil is proud to soon celebrate 50 years of history, science, and innovation in our constantly evolving marketplace. We invite you to discover the many benefits of TyrFil Flatproofing and learn more about how this enduring technology can positively impact your business by eliminating downtime and improving productivity.

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