How Will the Upcoming Election Impact our Industry?

America is at the height of the pre-election season and the final days are now upon us!  No one in the U.S.—regardless of industry, occupation, regional location, or political preference—knows for certain what the 2020 vote holds for our nation.  That remains in the cards until November 3rd or beyond.  But one thing we DO know is that this election may have an indelible impact on our industry and business futures for months and years to come.

Our American democracy is one of a kind in the world and the unique chorus of diverse voices joining together in one electoral process is what makes us who we are as a nation.  Regardless of political persuasions, views and party loyalties, we can all agree that this will likely be one of our most important and memorable elections in decades—and it’s imperative that each and every voice, in America and in the manufacturing industry, be heard.

That’s why the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has invited Carlisle TyrFil, along with many other brands across our sector, to encourage employees and all constituents within our field to get informed about the issues that affect our businesses and customers—and make educated decisions.

The AEM’s current campaign entitled Equipped to Vote is a “get-out-to-vote campaign designed to educate industry supporters about the upcoming election, highlight key policy priorities, and tell the story of equipment manufacturing in America.”

According to the Equipped to Vote platform, “the outcome of the 2020 election will have a significant impact on equipment manufacturers, the manufacturing sector, and the U.S. economy for years to come.  We have both a duty and an opportunity to engage the men and women of our industry in the political process.  That means engaging and equipping the 2.8 million men and women of our industry to help us make a difference this November.  Of course, in an election, we cannot, and should not, tell people which candidates to support.  But we should explain to them the issues and policies that matter to our industry, so that they can hold candidates of all political stripes accountable.”

While the goal of the overall campaign is to encourage American manufacturing employees to participate in the political process simply by casting their vote this fall, it also offers participating manufacturing companies, such as Carlisle, the educational tools to help employees and constituents learn more about the issues, policy priorities and how specific initiatives and programs affect American industry—so that voters can make informed independent decisions.  Equipped to Vote participants during these past weeks have had, and will continue to have leading up to Election Day, a chance to earn prizes and other giveaways by taking the time to learn more about the issues.  Every effort to learn that the employees of participating companies take will earn them points toward Equipped to Vote weekly raffle drawings.  There will also be a grand prize given away at the end of the campaign.

The AEM Equipped to Vote program also focuses on the most salient issues of our times and has examined different key topics each month. The current focus for October—the most critical information-gathering month before Election Day—is “Rural America.”  The campaign encourages everyone who works in our space to voice what’s important to YOU—whatever that may be—and play a role in our political process.

For more information, visit and learn more about the program and various education and informational tools available to get informed so that we can all contribute to a robust American political process—and celebrate our democracy come November 3rd!  And for our part, Carlisle TyrFil wishes every American and each and every one of our employees, customers and constituents a safe, healthy election season.

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