Carlisle TyrFil™, Manufacturer of the Sustainable TyrFil™ Flatproofing, Teams with American Forests to Help Replant California’s Devastated El Dorado Wildfire Area

Carlisle™ has partnered with its dealer and OEM network to donate one new tree seedling for every “one tote” of product purchased.

Carlisle TyrFil™ has partnered once again with American Forests, the nation’s longest running non-profit conservation organization, as part of a long-standing collaboration to replant thousands of new trees in our nation’s most devastated fire zones.  This year, as part of its signature “One Tote, One Tree” sustainability campaign, Carlisle and its customers and dealers will specifically assist with the reforestation of the El Dorado National Forest located in Northern California.

This area, located within the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain and foothill environ west of Lake Tahoe, was especially hard hit by the 2014 King Fire disaster.  By donating thousands of tree seedlings to be replanted, Carlisle™ will help reinvigorate the natural beauty and landscape of a beloved tourist destination and favored outdoor recreation spot that has been admired for generations.

For nearly a decade Carlisle TyrFil™, which manufactures eco-friendly polyurethane fill for pneumatic industrial and commercial tires, has teamed up with American Forests—along with its valued OEMs, aftermarket dealers, and distributors around the world—to plant one new tree for every tote of its tire fill product purchased.  To date, the company’s “One Tote, One Tree” initiative ( has been responsible for the successful replanting of more than 164,000 trees.

On average, the U.S. sees nearly 7 million acres burned per year as a result of wildfire disasters (according to the National Interagency Fire Center), but the 2014 King Fire that devastated the El Dorado National Forest region was particularly tragic.  One of the most ecologically damaging wildfires in California history, this fire burned a total of 97,000 acres, including approximately 17,000 acres of forest that will not recover without outside intervention.

As an area that had already been depleted by a multi-year drought, the El Dorado region was especially vulnerable to tree mortality threats, prior to the fire even beginning.  Mountain pine beetles and blister rust ran rampant throughout the forest, increasing wildfire risk and making the treasured national park highly susceptible to abnormal, extreme-heat fire.  When the King Fire did occur and ranged out of control in the area, the local ecosystem was severely impacted.

Carlisle TyrFil™ reforestation efforts will help accelerate the development of mature forest to meet a broad range of habitat requirements for wildlife, help control erosion, and provide other important ecosystem services.  Explains Carlisle TyrFil Vice President Mike Arnold:  “The El Dorado region is richly steeped in Gold Rush lore and has been revered for its incredible wilderness vistas for years by visitors from around the world, attracting two million tourists annually to its rugged mountainous terrain.  Carlisle™’s ‘One Tote, One Tree’ campaign will help enable a regeneration process making it possible for future generations to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this scenic West Coast mountain region.  We cannot thank our valued dealer and OEM network enough for their continued support with this flagship project.”

“American Forests is so appreciative of Carlisle TyrFil™’ exemplary commitment to ensuring our forests remain healthy and vibrant,” said Lea Sloan, VP of Communications, American Forests.  “They continue to prove to be a steadfast partner to our organization, consistently demonstrating the great role of corporate responsibility and how it helps us accomplish our timely and critical work.  Carlisle’s ‘One Tote, One Tree’ program is a perfect example of how a company can include its customers and affiliates in the effort to give back to the environment, in a particularly sustaining manner.”

The commitment to ensuring greater sustainability across the communities it serves is a central mission of the Carlisle™ brand.  As the industry’s market leader in tire fill solutions, Carlisle TyrFil™ seeks to bring more eco-friendly solutions to market throughout the global off-the-road (OTR) tire sector.  For more than 45 years, Carlisle™ has focused on developing tire flatproofing alternatives (for industrial, construction and mining vehicles and other OTR heavy equipment) that increase comfort, performance and safety, defray operator costs and protect the environment.  The company’s patented TyrFil™ Flatproofing line may be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core, ensures both robust tire performance and helps to prevent more solid tire waste from going into our landfills.

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Carlisle TyrFil™ is a division of The Carlisle Companies.  Carlisle Tire Fill System™’s patented TyrFil™ flatproofing, also known as foam fill, can be pumped into any pneumatic tire to replace air with a resilient, synthetic elastomer core that completely eliminates dangerous flat tires in commercial and industrial heavy equipment vehicles. Since TyrFil™ reduces the need for tire replacement, it directly helps to defray vehicle repair costs and also drastically eases environmental strain by helping to keep whole tire and scrap tire waste – and the unwanted emissions and carbon footprint they create – out of domestic and international landfills.  With TyrFil™, “it’s what’s inside that counts.”

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